Translation Localisation Transcreation

CAT-tools Termbases Translation memories

Subtitling Voice-over

Editing Proofreading LQA

Style Guides Cooporate Wording

Language courses (for danes)

Translation, localisation or Transcreation

Make sure your customers understand you. Get your web site, brochures, marketing material and manuals etc. translated, localised, transcreated and/or proofread

CAT-tools, Term Bases and Translation Memories

Do you need help with the implementation of a CAT- tool in you company, so your translations stay consistent with your brand and terminology.

Transcription, Subtitling and Voice-over

We provide translation, review and LQA of subtitles for film, tv,  trailers,  etc. as well as voice-over for your company presentations and cooporate videos .

Editing, Proofreading and LQA

Did an engineer write the manual?… Did he write it in his native language?… How are his language skills?… Did  you get it reviewed by a linguist?

Style Guides and Corporate Wording

A style guide is an important  reference tool when conveying your company brand, voice and way of adresseing your customersin another language

Language courses – Spanish and Danish

Learn Spanish and Danish by signing up to get access to various language webinars – for business or pleasure. These courses are in Danish.

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