Subtitling and voice-over


What is subtitling?

citationstegn There are two types of subtitling: subtitling within the same language, for the deaf and hard of hearing (also called captioning), and subtitling across languages. Subtitles are limited in space (about 35-37 characters per line, and a maximum of two lines) and time (maximum time on the screen is about 6 seconds). Therefore the dialogue has to be cut down to fit in the subtitles, and the subtitles has to be carefully timed to match the dialogue.

Subtitling is not only the translation of dialogue but also other written words like signs, letters and captions, which can complicate the subtitling process.

We do subtitles for movies, trailers, documentaries, television, corporate videos, business presentations and much more.

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citationstegn Words that are spoken in a movie, television program or commercial by a person who is not seen...

We do voice-over for commercials, corporate videos and business presentations and much more.

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