Style guides and cooperate wording

Style guide and cooperate wording

Together with the choice of terms, a language style guide is an important tool, when you want to assure that your brand is conveyed in a consistent way. It is as important as graphical effects like layout, colour choices etc.

What signal do you want to send with the language you use in your company?

Do you want your brand to have a very formal and emotionally detached voice, or do you want to come across as a more present and informal company? It is no use that Mrs. Anderson going on 65 keeps writing: ‘Dear Mr. President’, if you want to stay young and fresh.

The style guide contains information on best practices, orthography, gramma, etc. and outlines how to adress your customers in specific language. You might have special rules for UI or other text types. A style guide helps to assure that the language your employees use reflects the company values. It also helps translators and proofreaders to maintain a consistent stye and use of cooperate wording.

It is important to call a spade for a spade in all your texts and not give your products too many names, which can confuse your customers and for example make your user manuals less user friendly.

I have extensive experience with development of style guides and term bases, and I can most lightly also help you formulate your style guide, so you can keep track of your rules and create a consistent language style towards your customers.

If you are interested in learning more or schedule a meeting you can contact me using the link below.

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