Fields of expertise

citationstegnMedical and Phamaceutical Translations
After several years of translating Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) in connection with the approval of pharmaceutical products, we have gained an extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of medical terminologies.

citationstegnTechnical Translations
Technical translations, including Manuals, Operational Guides, Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheets, EHS and Reach related documents, Technical Brochures etc., is one of our major forces. Especially within the industries of Construction, Machinery, Food Technology and Automotive, just to mention a few.

Marketing translation is a wide concept as it can include all types of texts and areas. We have extensive experience in translating and localising brand names, brochures and web sites etc., as well as transcreating marketing texts in close cooperation with our customers within a wide range of industries, e.g. Food Technology, Fashion and Tourism.

citationstegnPackaging and Labelling
Translation of Labels or Pack Copies is an important task and it is important that the translation is consistent with the EU terminology. We have many years of experience in translating/localising labels and pack copies i.e for food stuff, food supplements and cleaning products etc. We also have extensive knowledge of EU and local legislation on Nutrition labelling for food stuff and supplements in Denmark.

We also provide translations of books, letters, emails, birth certificates etc. including Certified Translations.

citationstegnCinema and TV
We do subtitles for movies, tv-series, soaps, documentaries, trailers, business presentations etc. as well as voice-over.