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 euro-1361706-m.jpg With more than 15 years of experience in the translation industry, NPLtranslations delivers translation services to several major companies. NPLtranslations was founded by Nina Pauline Landschultz in 2005, after already having worked as a freelancer for several years in between and beside full-time jobs, which she continued doing until recently, when she decided to take up the challenge and dedicate all of her time to NPLtranslations.

Nina graduated from CBS in 2000 and has a MA in translation and Interpretation. After graduating from CBS, she was also appointed as a State authorised translator and interpreter by the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (DCCA).

Do you want to read more about the accreditation of Danish State authorised translators and interpreters go to: DCCA – Act on State Authorised Translators and Interpreters (181 of 25 March 1988) and/or DCCA – Qualification Requirements

Our customers say:

citationstegnA very skilled technical translator. Nina has very good technical understanding and delivers high quality translations. Nina has provided excellent translations of technical manuals for industrial ovens and biscuit equipment etc (EN-ES, EN-DA, DA-EN, ES-EN, DA-ES). In her capacity as localization project manager, Nina successfully implemented and maintained memoQ as a work tool at Haas-Meincke in order to insure consistency in the coorporate wording. I give Nina my warmest recommendation.”
— Birgitte Østergaard, Technical Writer, Haas-Meincke

citationstegn…I have worked alongside Nina for about 3 years. She has always been very helpful and professional when it comes to marketing related questions e.g. in connection with cooperate wording and localisation of product names etc. She has been responsible for translations of brochures and leaflets, as well as newsletters, manuals and other product related texts insuring consistency in the cooperate wording in both Danish, English and Spanish, which she managed to do with great success. Nina has a great passion for languages and is always looking for new ways to improve translation processes and therefore also introduced a CAT- tool to the department… Nina is a very structured, result oriented and emphatic person and I give her my best recommendation.”
— Jane Solby, Marketing Dept., Haas-Meincke

English – Spanish Translation example
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  Source (EN)

citationstegnNina er en meget dygtig spansk oversætter og hendes især hurtige korrekte oversættelse af e-mail korrespondance, tilbud og ordrebekræftelser har i stor grad forbedret vores kommunikation med spansktalende kunder. Nina har desuden fungeret som tolk ved flere kundebesøg og hendes rare væsen har været et stort plus for opbygningen af kunderelationer.”
— Sune Knudsen, Sales Director BU Biscuits Latin America, Haas-Meincke

citationstegnNPL translations has done a lot of translations for us. Keeps to deadline, great quality and good communication.”
— Tina McCaffrey, Sanwes Sproginstitut

citationstegnI chose Nina for our Danish translation because she responded to our ad promptly, articulately and accurately. She also has the precise experience we needed in food labeling and took the initiative to find answers to our questions about Danish labeling requirements. She kept me informed of her progress and was a true professional in every way. We will definitely be hiring her when we introduce new products to Denmark and need Danish labels!.”
— Carol Long, ALP – legal assistent, Regulatory Affairs, Sunwarrior

citationstegnWe reached out to Nina in the spring of 2015 when we needed to have our crowdsourced Spanish translations of our app texts for Android and iOS proofread and quality assured. Nina provided us an excellent service that was beyond mere proofreading as she also drew our attention to the coding of the English source strings that needed to be changed in order to be translatable into Spanish. Nina performed the tasks in a highly professional manner and in adherence with all the instructions and applicable deadlines..” We would definitely recommend Nina’s translation and proofreading services!
— Anna Timofejeva – Localization Manager, Endomondo, Underarmour

citationstegnI found NPL on and she has worked on several translation tasks for us since then. I would definitely recommend working with her as with her you can be sure of the quality of work and on time delivery. We wish her the best.”
— Tripti Anil, Zoom Bits

citationstegnNina has completed several, complicated assignments for us and we were amazed by the high quality of her work. Projects were always delivered on time and it’s a real pleasure to work with Nina!”
— Mike Hunter,

citationstegnNPLtranslations provided me with excellent proofing and editing services for Danish translations. She worked in a very personable and professional manner and provided me with great results.”
— Joanna Scavo, Aberdeen Captioning

citationstegnWe had a great experience working with Nina. She pays attention to details, asks good questions about the source material and completed her assignments on time. I would not hesitate to work with here again!
— Susan M. Steel, Senior Project Manager, Techworld Language Solutions, Inc.

citationstegnI strongly recommend Nina Pauline for employment, as I have had the pleasure to work alongside her in numerous projects for a particularly important client, and I can therefore account for both her professionalism and excellent manners. During the time that she has worked with me as a regular freelance translator, she has never failed to provide high quality work with impeccable punctuality. Furthermore, and despite being an extraordinary translator, it is her agreeable attitude that makes working with her an exceptionally pleasant experience.”
—Marta Moreno Zamora, Project Manager, Linguaserve

citationstegnVery professional, organized, friendly and nice to work with.”
— Malgorzata Jarlinska, Project Manager, VistaTec

citationstegnI have the pleasure to work with Nina in different localization marketing projects for an important client in the travel industry, where she is our Language Lead for Danish and main reviewer. She always delivers excellent linguistic services in a timely manner, going the extra mile with her feedback and recommendations. I strongly recommend employing Nina for any Danish translation, proofreading, content creation and editing job. ”
— Tamara Aguilera, Language Quality Assurance Specialist, Vistatec

citationstegnIt’s always a pleasure to work with you, Nina :). All tasks are always completed on time and to a very high standard, which is extremely reassuring. I know that even if I have a tight deadline or a fiddly/complicated task, I can rely on you. It’s also great to feel that I can ask questions about the language/run little things passed you and I’ll get a quick and coherent response.
— Anna Wilmott-Stanton, Translation Associate, Altissia

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